WhatsApp new feature Update! check out the New features update

The new WhatsApp feature expected soon will give users more authority on the visibility of the highly popular status on their app.

The new feature will be visible in a new section in the settings under the Last Seen privacy settings category. The report suggests it will carry two options for users, namely ‘Everyone’ and ‘Same as last seen’.

The first option will let everyone see the online status of a user. The second option will retain the choice enabled for the ‘Last Seen’ feature.

This will help users limit contacts who can see their online status. An option of ‘Nobody’ is expected to limit all contacts.

The new privacy feature first came to light in a WhatsApp beta for iOS some weeks ago. Now, it has arrived on the Android version too. However, it is still not live in the latest WhatsApp beta release (v2.22.16.12).

Meanwhile, the Meta-owned platform is also testing a new feature to let users see past participants of group chat on the iOS platform.

It will let users leave groups silently without notifying other members. However, members will be able to see who has left the group with another feature of “past participants”.

Another update being reported is “voice status” which will let users post voice notes on status updates.

WhatsApp is in the works to develop a feature to let users hide their online status from contacts, as per a new report.